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  • Librarian Occupation Profile

    Lisa Mulak is a librarian in Sydney, NS. Check out the full occupation profile here on and her story at Cream Careers

  • Early Childhood Educators

    Daphne MacIsaac knows all about being a Early Childhood Educators and Assistants-Noc: 4214  Check out her career story Cream Careers.

  • Pipefitters/Steamfitters

    Want to know more about the Pipefitter/Steamfitter occupation? John Peters' personal profile can be found on Cream Careers and the full occupation profile, right here on

  • Machinists

    Noel Deveau is a Journeyman Machinist.  Read his story at Cream Careers and the Occupation Profile right here on


Success Stories

Program participants share their stories

  • For someone who likes to work with their hands and likes the gratification of a job well done…it’s a good process to go through.

    Christian Tweetie
  • It's given me the opportunity to actually complete my whole apprenticeship...the START program gave me the opportunity to stay in my home town.

    Nicole Coles
  • The Workplace Education program has been wonderful for our leadership team...The training has been a real gift for us and the benefits will be seen for years to come.

  • The program is where I learned to do business planning, accounting, and every skill you need to start your business.

    Geoffroy Chevallier
  • The Leadership and Productivity training we are receiving is helping us become a more competitive business here at Galloping Cows.

    Galloping Cows
  • By working through this program it reinforces and reminds you of the skill set that you do have and that there are things you can do even if you are a more mature individual.

    Patricia Rhynold
  • I really wanted to get my grade 12 and that phone call brought me here...Coming here I feel like it's opened the world to me.

    Tina Farrell
  • They helped me find my first job and I worked my term period and at the end of that term period I got my hearing aids….it was like turning the light back on.

    David Stockall
  • One of the biggest things the Transition Program enabled me to do was believe in myself and what I am capable of achieving after being out of the school system for more than 20 years.

    Trena Simmonds
  • I quit school when I was in grade 10 and jumped from menial job to menial job...I wanted to make something of myself and let [my kids] see that I did, so I decided to get my education.

    Russell Fisher