New to the Workforce

You have probably heard the complaint that you cannot get a job without experience, but you cannot get experience without a job.  You know that some people have trouble finding jobs that match their career goals.  People who are new to the workforce compete with experienced workers for jobs.  No one is surprised that it takes someone new to the workforce to get settled in the working world.

If you have limited work experience you might be wondering how you can meet the requirements of employers.  There are several opportunities that will allow you to gain experience and demonstrate your skills in a work setting.


Volunteer Work

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet people and learn new skills, especially people skills.  You can begin to accumulate practical experience, and, if you do your work well, you may be able to use your volunteer coordinators as references when you apply for a job.


Co-operative Education Programs

If you are planning to upgrade your education, look for co-operative education programs, which alternate periods of study with work assignments.  This option is part of many community college and university programs.  It may take a little longer to complete a co-op program, but you will graduate with real-world experience and contacts with employers.  Co-op experience can be especially valuable for mature students.


Work Experience Programs

Employment Nova Scotia administers a targeted wage subsidy program that helps clients that qualify for the program gain work experience.  If you are receiving Employment Insurance or have received benefits within the last three years you should contact Employment Nova Scotia for information.

For tips on conducting a successful job search visit the Looking for Work section of this website.

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