Adult Education

The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) provides educational programs throughout the province that are designed to help adults develop a variety of essential skills needed to learn, live, and work in their communities.  Adults enrolled in the programs will be able to work toward a number of personal goals, which may include:

  • Improving literacy, math, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and teamwork skills
  • Acquiring the Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults
  • Preparing to write the GED test to improve employment opportunities
  • Entering the workforce
  • Preparing to enter a post-secondary institution

NSSAL offers adult Nova Scotians the opportunity to improve their skills.  Programs are FREE and offered at more than 150 sties across the province to adults who are 19 and over and do not hold a NS Department of Education High School Diploma.

If you do already have a high school diploma, but would like to upgrade your high school courses programs are available for a fee.

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