Career Planning Steps

Careers are works in progress.  Ever changing, always evolving.  Career management is a continuous cycle.  You should always be moving through the following stages 1) Evaluating where you currently are 2) determining where you want to be 3) planning to get there 4) getting there and 5) assessing what you have learned.

These stages can be translated into the following steps:

Career planning is a life-long process of preparing to make not one, but many decisions.  Making informed decisions, setting short and long-term goals, and taking the steps to achieve these goals will provide you with a road map for a successful career.

Even if you feel perfectly content with the job you have now, chances are that something is going to happen to change your situation.  The most likely thing is that you are going to get a little restless and want to shake things up.  Life can also throw you curveballs you were not expecting.  Either way, you should always be prepared.