Introduction to Career Planning

It is never too soon to start thinking about your future career ... and never too late to make a change if you are looking for something new.

On this site you will find information and resources to help you figure out which career would be best for you, and how to get there once you have made up your mind.

Before you get started … here are some thoughts to consider …

Knowing about the


will help you to...

Recognize opportunities

Nova Scotia’s labour market is much bigger than you think. There is plenty of opportunity, but you need to know where to look and how to prepare yourself. If you are looking for work, knowing more about Nova Scotia’s labour market will help you answer questions such as “Where are the jobs?” and “What skills do I need to get hired?” If you are more interested in starting your own business, labour market information will tell you which business sectors are growing and which skills are in demand.

Know what skills are in demand

The workplace today has changed a great deal in the last 30, 20, and even 10 years. Employers are looking for new and different skills, even for those jobs that have been around for generations. For example, not long ago, good mechanical skills would be enough to keep you working as an auto mechanic. Today, it has been said, the average car is more complicated than an MRI machine. Auto repair technicians often use sophisticated computers to diagnose problems. Since the customer cannot see what the technician is doing, the technician will need good customer relations skills to win a customer’s trust and confidence.

Understand that things have changed ...

THEN - employers looked for

  • long-term committment
  • ability to take direction
  • honesty

NOW - employers look for

  • flexibility
  • ability to handle responsibility
  • honesty

ALWAYS – remember

  • good planning and the right choices will help you get where you want to be.

Once you feel ready, get started by reviewing the Career Planning Steps to begin the career planning process.

Check out our publications section for relevant career planning resources.