Connect With Youth

Most employers are concerned with recruiting the workers they need “right now”.  Forward thinking employers are acting now to build relationships for tomorrow.

There are several ways to reach out to youth today, to encourage them to consider your organization, your trade, or sector so that when the time comes to make a career decision you have had a chance to influence and engage them – to help them when they need it the most.

Whether it is through mentorship, career days, co-op programs, or youth apprenticeship, there are many ways to reach out to the next generation.

Career Focus
This program provides funding for employers to offer post-secondary graduates opportunities to obtain career-related work experience.

Co-operative Education
It would be great to have a pool of potential employees who know your business and are excited to work for you.  Get involved with co-operative education and watch your talent pool grow!

Co-op Education Incentive
The Co-op Education Incentive provides wage assistance to private sector, government-funded and non-profit organizations offering career-related work experiences for university and community college co-operative students.

Graduate to Opportunity
The Graduate to Opportunity program (GTO) provides salary contributions to employers to offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate and assist post-secondary graduates in finding career opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Energy Training Program
The Energy Training Program encourages private-sector employers to hire Nova Scotian post-secondary students for career-related work terms in all sectors of the energy industry.  The program offers employers an opportunity to gain access to students and recent graduates from Nova Scotia universities and community college campuses.

Options and Opportunities (O2)
Options and Opportunities is a high school program designed to prepare students for successful transitions from high school to work, a career path, or a post-secondary program.  A critical element in the success of O2 is the participation of the Nova Scotia employers and communities who open their doors to students.

Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL)
The Student Summer Skills Incetive (SKILL) offers wage assistance to non-profit organizations that provide quality, career-related summer jobs to students going into university or community college in the fall.

Workit Youth Apprenticeship

Workit alows you to directly invest in youth apprentices.  Hiring a youth apprentice or participating in a youth trade exploration program can help you gain employees who will grow with you.