A diverse workforce can bring many benefits to your company by bringing a unique and beneficial blend of skills, abilities, and perspectives to your workplace.  Diversity can make it easier for your company to understand and strategically respond to the marketplace and needs of your clients.  A workforce of diverse people can help you find a wider range of solutions for the business challenges you face every day.  It makes good business sense to make sure you are embracing the potential in every person available and eager to work for you.

Welcoming Workplaces
Welcoming Workplaces supports businesses be more inclusive and welcoming. The workbook includes a business diversity self-assessment, practical advice and strategies and ready-to-use forms and templates to help employers make diversity a part of their strategic business goals. 

Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative (AWPI)
This program provides facts, resources, and tools that assists organizations in their efforts to employ Aboriginal people and allow them to realize the many benefits that come with Aboriginal employment.

Hiring International Workers
Bringing international workers into your company can be an effective way to address labour shortages, while also increasing diversity and building connections to international markets.  This guide is designed to help you through the process, from recruitment and selection, to integrating a new international worker into your workforce.

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia
ISANS is a leading community organization that welcomes immigrants.  Their Work in Nova Scotia program offers several programs that support and help employers hire people who have immigrated to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Office of Immigration
Visit the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration website for more information on hiring international workers.