There are many supports available for businesses of all sizes and sectors in Nova Scotia.  Whether you are trying to start a business, looking to hire workers, want to provide training opportunities to your staff, or are just looking for general business resources, there are programs and services available to help make your business a success.

Starting a Business
In this section you will find links to available programs and resources that can help you start your own business.

Hiring Workers
There are many forms of support available to help you hire and manage the employees you need for your business, and to develop the skills of your people in order for your business to be as productive as possible.  There are tax credits, funding for training, wage subsidies, free online courses, and downloadable resources to support you with all of your human resource needs.

Training Workers
The ability to compete and respond to changes in the global market requires a vibrant and adaptable workforce.  Literacy, learning, and skills training will give your organization a more competitive edge, improving your productivity while enriching the lives and well-being of your employees.