Hiring Workers

Nova Scotia's economic stability is tied to our ability to compete and respond to changes in the global market.  That ability requires a vibrant and adaptable workforce - a workforce strong in numbers and in skills.  The labour market is changing and successful employers know that means they will need to make some changes too.

Recruitment is no longer just about employers assessing candidates, it is about marketing your organization to potential candidates and being creative about how you can “make it work” with the right person, even if there is a skills gap at the start.  It also means growing the people you have, so their next opportunity is right here at home, with you.

If your business involves skilled trades people, you are probably already feeling the effects of the current labour market.  Apprenticeship is a "win-win" for the apprentice and the organization they join.  Learn more about the benefits, and see whether apprenticeship might work for your organization.

Nova Scotia HR Toolkit
The NS HR Toolkit provides valuable human resource information, downloadable tools and templates, and links to programs and resources to support managers with their human resource needs.

Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia (HRANS)
HRANS is the professional association for Human Resources in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Job Bank for Employers
Job Bank is Canada's one-stop job listing Web site.  Each year we help hundreds of thousands of Canadian employers, workers, and job seekers connect online, free of any service charges.

Nova Scotia Sector Councils
Sector Councils have come to play an important role in the human resource planning in the sectors where their members work.

START is available to businesses, not for profit organizations, and social enterprises that have business locations and jobs in Nova Scotia.  The START program focuses on small to medium sized enterprises and encourages employers to hire eligible Nova Scotians requiring work experience or apprenticeship support.

Workplace Diversity
Diverse workers can benefit your company by bringing a unique and beneficial blend of skills, abilities, and perspectives to your workplace.  Diversity can, in fact, make it easier for your company to understand and strategically respond to the marketplace and needs of your clients.

Many employers are concerned with recruiting the workers they need "right now".  Forward thinking employers are acting now to build relationships for tomorrow.