Identifying Opportunities

There are always opportunities for employment, but you need to know where to look and how to prepare yourself.  The right job is out there for you. 

Knowing and growing what you have to offer an employer is a great place to start.  Take stock of your knowledge, experiences and transferable skills.  If you do not have a lot of experience, consider getting involved in co-op or internship programs, volunteer work, or extra-curricular activities.

There are a number of different paths you can take on the road to finding employment:

  • you can respond to the positions that are posted
  • you can contact someone you are interested in working for
  • you can be referred to an employer through someone else

Employers may post vacant positions in newspaper or magazine ads, through professional associations, or right in their shop window.  This is known as the

Advertised Job Market

There are also a number of job search websites where employers post openings.  Positions found using this format are typically entry level positions, high demand jobs, or jobs that have high turnover.

Tip: Some employers may check out the social networking sites, such as Facebook and Myspace, of potential employees.  Make sure you clean up your contacts and your content!

Job postings identify specific job opportunities, but it has been shown that up to 80% of jobs are not formally advertised.  This has become known as the

Hidden Job Market

These positions are filled by candidates who come to an employer’s attention through employee recommendations, recruiters, or direct contact with the candidate.  If responding to job advertisements is your only method of job searching, you are missing most of the employment opportunities that are out there!

Steps to access the hidden job market include: