Architectural Technologists and Technicians

Occupation:Architectural Technologists and Technicians
Category:Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology

About the job

Nature of work:

Architectural technologists and technicians may work independently or provide technical assistance to professional architects and civil design engineers in conducting research, preparing drawings, architectural models, specifications and contracts and in supervising construction projects. Architectural technologists and technicians are employed by architectural and construction firms, and governments.

Job duties:
Architectural technologists and technicians perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Assist in the development of architectural designs.
  • Analyze building codes, by-laws, space requirements, site requirements and other technical documents and reports.
  • Prepare manual and CAD (computer-assisted design) drawings, specifications, cost estimates and listings of quantities of material from conceptual drawings and instructions.
  • Construct architectural and display models, and 3-D virtual models of architectural designs.
  • Prepare contract and bidding documents.
  • May supervise drafters, technicians and technologists on the architectural team.
  • May supervise construction projects and coordinate, monitor and inspect work done by others.
Sample job titles:
  • architectural assistant
  • architectural design technician
  • architectural design technologist
  • architectural technician
  • architectural technologist
  • registered building technician
  • registered building technologist
  • residential buildings technologist

For these jobs, you should be interested in architecture and design and also have an interest in construction and the various building trades. Grade 12 math and physics are recommended. You should enjoy detailed and precise work. A good imagination and creativity would be helpful. Good communication skills, both written and oral, are important. Computer skills would also be helpful.

Job requirements:
  • Completion of a two- to three-year college program in architectural technology or a related subject is usually required.
  • Certification in architectural technology or in a related field through provincial associations of architectural or engineering/applied science technologists and technicians may be required by employers.
  • A period of supervised work experience, usually two years, is required before certification.
Other considerations:

Although there are no significant seasonal patterns of unemployment throughout the year, employment levels may vary from year to year as economic conditions change and the amount of construction activity is affected. There is mobility to other related occupations such as drafters, civil engineering technologists and technicians, construction estimators and construction inspectors. Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience

Labour Market Information

Work Prospects:Undetermined

This is not a large occupation in Nova Scotia so job opportunities may not be that frequent. With a large percent of workers being 55 years of age and older, retirements are expected to be a key contributor to employment opportunities over the coming years. Architectural Technologists and Technicians most commonly work full-time hours. Furthermore, the jobs are typically permanent positions.

The median employment income for 60% of Architectural Technologists and Technicians who worked full-time, year-round in 2015 was $44,412. Across all occupations in Nova Scotia, 59% of those who worked full-time year round had a median employment income of $43,600.
(Source: 2016 Census)

OccupationEstimated employment in 2018Estimated change in employment between 2017 and 2019Estimated openings due to growth and retirements, 2017-2019Estimated rate of unemployment in 2018 Estimated hourly earnings in 2015 (learn more)Estimated annual earnings in 2015
Architectural Technologists and Technicians70xxx
Minimum:  N/A
Median:  N/A
Maximum:  N/A
Minimum:  N/A
Median: $30,001
Maximum:  N/A
Occupations in Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology25,875Strong growth3,095Low
Minimum: $17.69
Median: $31.35
Maximum: $47.18
Minimum: $13,568
Median: $60,422
Maximum: $107,009
Architectural Technologists and TechniciansCompared to: Occupations in Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology
Percent employed full-time93%94%
Percent self-employed8%7%
Where will I likely work?
Area of EmploymentArchitectural Technologists and TechniciansCompared to: All NS Occupations
% EmployedMedian Annual Income% EmployedMedian Annual Income
Cape Bretonxx13%$32,974
Annapolis Valleyxx13%$32,958
What are the workers like?
AgeArchitectural Technologists and TechniciansCompared to: All Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology
% Employed% Employed
Median Age3543
GenderArchitectural Technologists and TechniciansCompared to: Occupations in Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology
% Employed% Employed
EducationArchitectural Technologists and TechniciansCompared to: All Engineering, Math, Science, and Information Technology
% EmployedMedian Annual Income% EmployedMedian Annual Income
Less than high schoolN/Ax0.7%$28,107
High schoolN/A$52,55812.1%$35,125
Trades certificateN/A$55,8576.8%$54,923
College certificate or diploma53.3%$50,91833.7%$52,476
University certificate or diplomaN/Ax3.7%$52,446
Bachelor's degree33.3%$53,53729.7%$58,011
University advanced certificate or diploma13.3%x2.0%$54,917
Master's degreeN/A$51,7699.7%$37,706
Medicine, dentistry, veterinary, optometryN/Ax0.1%$57,566
Wage Disclaimer

Hourly earnings data are from the Labour Force Survey by Statistics Canada. Data are not available for all occupations. Hourly earnings are calculated based on usual hours worked per week. This is how an annual salary, for instance, gets converted to an hourly rate. The data include full and part-time workers along with new and experienced workers. Self-employed workers are excluded.

Annual employment income data reported in the Work Prospects section, are from the 2011 National Household Survey by Statistics Canada. Much of the data (around 70%) came directly from tax records. The data relates to the year 2010 and includes total wages and salaries and net income from self-employment.


Employment Requirements & Contacts

No regulating bodies were found under this occupation profile
Useful contacts:
202 Brownlow Avenue, Cambridge 1, Suite 308
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1T5
Tel: (902) 463-3236
Fax: (902) 465-7567
Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
2197 Riverside Dr., Suite 405
Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3
Tel: (613) 238-8123
Fax: (613) 238-8822

Training Paths & Education

Program Name:Architectural engineering technology/technician
Education Level:This program is typically offered at the trades/college level.
Program Description:
This instructional program class comprises any program that prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of architects, engineers and planners engaged in designing and developing buildings, urban complexes, and related systems. These programs include courses in design testing procedures, building site analysis, model building and computer graphics, engineering drawing, structural systems testing, analysis of prototype mechanical and interior systems, test equipment operation and maintenance, and report preparation.
See all institutions providing this program+
Nova Scotia Community College - Waterfront Campus & Aviation Institute
80 Mawiomi Place
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 0A5
(902) 491-1100
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