Older Workers


Extensive workplace changes have taken place in the last 10 to 15 years.  Many of these changes, such as increased use of computers and other technologies, revised work processes, and evolving safety regulations, require continuous training and upgrading. 

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) program, a joint initiative of the Government of Canada and the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education, provides support to unemployed older workers in communities affected by significant downsizing or closures through programming aimed at reintegrating them into employment.

Nova Scotia’s “Age Advantage Plus” program is funded through the TIOW partnership. Further information on the Age Advantage Plus program can be found on the Employment Nova Scotia website by going to the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers page. 

Your local Career Resource Center may also be aware of programs funded or supported though Employment Nova Scotia that may be of assistance to Older Workers. 

Why not contact a Career Resource Center or Employment Assistance Service Provider in your area to talk about available programs?  Click here for a list of Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centres.