Career Quizzes

Self assessment is not an exact science and these exercises are introductory.  They are not meant to replace discussions with friends, family, or professional career counselors.  Once you have your results visit our Search Job Profiles section to research potential occupations and learn about their employment outlooks, employment opportunities, and regional employers.


Career Quizzes

Career Cruising
If you are in high school see your guidance counsellor; in college or university see your career centre; and in the workforce visit a local Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre for a password to access online quizzes.
Offers two options for self-evaluation.  The first is a more linear path through the career planning process and the second is more open ended.

Offers several types of quizzes to help you establish a foundation for your career plan.



Employability Skills Quiz
Rate your skill level against these employability skills.

Entrepreneurial Traits Quiz
you have what it takes to become your own boss?

Skills Credentialing Tool for Individuals
A self-assessment and portfolio-building tool for students, employees, and job-seekers.

Highway of Opportunity
A fun way to learn about the many opportunities waiting for you in the trucking industry.