Resumes and cover letters usually provide the first impression of you to a potential employer – make sure they are up to the task.  Employers will scan a resume for about 30 seconds to decide whether to consider the applicant.  Get your resume in the “for consideration” pile!

The resume is “key to the interview”, a summary of why you are the best candidate for the job.  Before preparing or updating your resume you must know what you have to offer, understand the needs of the employer, and be able to make the connection between the two.  A resume is a “snapshot” of you and needs to be:

  • Written with the employer’s interests in mind.
  • Professional in appearance.
  • Targeted for a particular job or organization.
  • “Letter-perfect.”  Spelling and grammar mistakes can mean an automatic trip to the reject pile.
  • An honest and clear demonstration of your skills, abilities, and achievements.
  • A clear indication of what you offer to the employer.

Source: Government of Canada

If you are creating your cover letter and resume be sure not to forget about your references.

For information on resume writing services in your area please contact your local Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre.