Starting a Business

Would you consider starting your own business?

  • Are you an opportunity-taker?
  • Looking for a challenge?
  • Motivated and enthusiastic?
  • Have an idea for a product or service?
  • Do you dream about running your own business?

Nova Scotia has a long tradition of self-employed farmers, fishermen, and merchants. Today there are even more opportunities to work independently or start your own business.

Who are the self-employed?

Someone who is self-employed earns income directly from their business, trade, or profession rather than having a specified salary or wages from an employer.

Some people choose an occupation that offers the option of self-employment.  The self-employed may be professionals, such as accountants or lawyers; trades people, such as carpenters or plumbers; providers of services to business, such as bookkeepers or consultants; or artists, such as painters or potters who produce artwork for sale in their home studio.

During economic downturns self-employment tends to increase.  Many people use self-employment as a means to gain experience in the workforce or to keep working when jobs are scarce.  Others are self-employed entirely by choice.  For many people, self-employment allows them to balance work with other priorities in their life.

Do you have what it takes? 

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