Youth / Students


The following are some excellent resources that can assist you in terms of career decision making, occupational information, and much more.

Building Futures for Youth - could be your first step to a career in the skilled trades.

Camp Courage - an empowering police, fire, paramedic program for young women aged 15 to 19.

Career in Gear - uses games to help you learn about who you are, what motivates you, and discover NSCC programs that may align with your interests and goals. 

Career Quizzes - links to introductory self-assessment tools that can help you identify occupations that might be a good fit.

Co-operative Education - Want to get real work experience and earn high school credits at the same time?  Want to see what working in a variety of careers is really like?  Then co-op education is for you.

Education & Training - provides information on post-secondary training options available.

Job Profiles - information on job prospects, wages, nature of work, and education and training paths for over 300 occupations in Nova Scotia.

Life/Work Portfolio - this site will help you develop a LifeWork portfolio.

NEXT Network - a youth-focused career awareness website.

Next Steps - a full-featured employment, career development, and job finding resource for youth.

Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centres - there are centres located across the province that can provide assistance.

Options and Opportunities (O2) - a high school program designed to prepare students for successful transitions from high school to work, a career path, or a post-secondary program.

Sector Councils - here you will find links to industry sector councils.  Some sector councils support industry youth programs.

Skills Canada~Nova Scotia - learn why you should consider a career in skilled trades and technologies.

Skills Link - the Skills Link program provides funding for organizations to help youth facing barriers to employment develop the broad range of skills, knowledge, and work experience they need to participate and succeed in the job market.

Students in - this program helps students start their own business.

The Student Commission - Dedicated to creating and promoting opportunities for young people to learn and grow.

Youth Canada - find information on topics including the job search, post-secondary education, money management, and career development.

Workit - Nova Scotia's youth apprenticeship website.


Employment Programs


Career Focus - the program provides funding for employers to offer post-secondary graduates opportunities to obtain career-related work experience.  The program connects youth with employers who can provide them with career-related work experience.

Career Starts - Career Starts employment programs offer valuable assignments, projects, and skill development within the Nova Scotia government.

Employment Programs for Youth - Federal employment programs specifically for youth.

Graduate to Opportunity - the program provides salary contributions to employers to offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate and assists post-secondary graduates in finding career opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Energy Training Program - Nova Scotia students attending university and community college have the opportunity to test theories they learned in class in "real life" situations in the energy industry.

Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive - This program assists high-value businesses and organizations across the region to recruit and retain students for work placements.

Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL)- offers wage assistance to non-profit organizations that provide quality, career-related summer jobs to students going to university or community college in the fall.  

Workit Youth Apprenticeship - continue your education while gaining practical experience and working toward a destion in a skilled trade.

Youth Conservation Corps - provides youth with opportunities for hands-on experience in environmental projects like watershed management and climate change.